Mastering Midlife Mayhem
Mastering Midlife Mayhem
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Maria, an FDN practitioner, and Kristin, a Board-certified nutritionist, are plainspoken friends and practitioners who share a passion for women's health, especially women's health at midlife. We've refined the art and science of thriving as a midlife woman. We combine individualized nutrition and lifestyle changes tailored to midlife women's needs with mindset coaching, lab testing and hormone replacement therapy education to help women thrive so that they can stop or prevent their health from spinning out of control.


Mastering Midlife Mayhem is the only Community with the unique commitment to serving motivated women who have surveyed the landscape of how most women age, know they want different + are unapologetic about the need to take care of themselves. We firmly believe that wisdom precedes wellness so we educate midlife women on four key areas - nutrition, mindset, lifestyle and HRT fluency - that are essential to lose the weight, balance your hormones, reverse the diseases of aging, and help you thrive.